A Custom Solution for Physical Therapy Home Exercise Prescription

With Hedge Health, you can turn difficult to articulate physical therapy HEPs into custom plans for your patients that they’ll know how to complete.


Around 35% of patients stick to their HEPs during their course of treatment.

Only around one-third of your physical therapy patients exercise between sessions.

It’s time for a better solution for assigning HEPs that empower and encourage patients to stick to their HEPs.

That’s where Hedge Health comes in.


An App Tailored to Yours and Your Clients’ Needs

Custom Patient Videos

  • Create custom patient videos in person that they can use on their own.
  • No more standard, impersonal videos.
  • No more scrolling through page after page of exercises that aren’t perfect.

Track Patient Progress

  • Check if your patients are completing their exercises.
  • Message patients outside of appointments to answer questions.

Easy to Use

  • Easily create videos in person.
  • Press a single button to send videos to your patients while maintaining HIPAA-compliance.
  • The patient interface makes it simple for patients to find and follow along with videos as they complete their exercises.

How It Works


Capture video of your patient performing the exercise during a regular appointment


Send HIPAA secure video seamlessly via the Switchback mobile app


Automatically remind your patients to do their exercises

Do you own or run a physical therapy clinic? Let’s talk about how Hedge Health will empower your practitioners and clients.

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